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"Tagliatelli" by Colinette is a very soft bulky weight, 90% merino wool and 10% nylon, unique ribbon yarn. Produced in a wide range of variegated colorways, "Tagliatelli" would be suitable for sweaters, vests, shawls, and scarves.

Shade Cards

Spring 2006: 1
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Spring 2006: 1
Spring 2006: 2
Spring 2006: 3
Spring 2006: 4
Fiber Sample
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About This Yarn
 BrandColinette [www]
 DistributorUnique Kolours, Ltd.
 Made InWales
 Yardage150 yds.
 Yarn Weight Bulky
 Fiber Content Wool , Nylon
 Texture Ribbon
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)11
 Needle Size(s) 11 US (8mm)
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareHand Wash & Dry Flat.

Currently Produced Colors
016: Blue Parrot
(Blue, Pink, Yellow)
018: Blue Saturn
(Blue, Purple, Blue)
021: Turquoise
(Blue, Orange, Green)
025: Charcoal
(Blue, Black, Purple)
033: Kingfisher
(Purple, Blue, Purple)
048: Florentina
(Purple, Blue, Purple)
054: Jewel
(Blue, Green, Pink)
055: Toscana
(Green, Pink, Blue)
061: Earth
(Pink, Pink, Orange)
066: Mist
(Pink, Purple, Gray)
067: Copperbeech
(Orange, Orange, Orange)
070: Raphael
(Pink, Blue, Orange)
071: Fire
(Pink, Pink, Gold)
072: Tapis
(Pink, Orange, Gray)
Fall 2004
073: Forest
(Green, Green, Orange)
075: Moss
(Green, Green, Orange)
077: Dusk
(Pink, Orange, Green)
083: Lilac
(Purple, Purple, Green)
084: Cinnamon
(Brown, Pink, Yellow)
085: Jay
(Blue, Blue, Gray)
088: Marble
(Gray, White, Pink)
090: Venezia
(Purple, Brown, Blue)
093: Lapis
(Purple, Purple, Pink)
094: Magenta
(Red, Pink, Yellow)
100: Gauguin
(Blue, Purple, Green)
101: Monet
(Green, White, Red)
109: Summer Berries
(Pink, Pink, Red)
118: Velvet Damson
(Blue, Purple)
120: Burnt Ochre
(Yellow, Yellow, Pink)
127: Morocco
(Orange, Blue, Purple)
128: Castagna
(Yellow, Gray, White)
134: Jamboree
(Yellow, Blue, Red)
135: Sahara
(Tan, Yellow, Brown)
138: Lagoon
(Blue, Blue, Green)
139: Neptune
(Blue, Blue, Pink)
141: Zebra
(Black, White, Gray)
142: Sea Breeze
(Orange, Turquoise, Orange)
145: Frangipani
(Pink, Orange, Blue)
146: Popsicle
(Green, Blue, Yellow)
147: Fresco
(Purple, Pink, Blue)
148: Caramel
(Tan, Pink, White)
Spring 2004
149: Windfall
(Green, Yellow, Pink)
Fall 2004
150: Pharaoh
(Purple, Pink, Yellow)
Fall 2004
151: Mint Chocolate
(Purple, Pink, Blue)
Fall 2004
152: Paintbox
(White, Pink, Blue)
153: Madras
(Tan, Blue, Brown)
154: Rose Garden
(Pink, Blue, Purple)
BLK: Black

Reviews & Comments
Seattle Eastside, Washington
32 Posts
  Saturday February 19 6:27:22 PM PST
This is an interesting yarn which feels a bit like knitting with fettucine! Because it's a wide hand-dyed ribbon, there is a beautiful watercolor effect each time it changes from one color to the next. Very expensive yarn if you are in the US; moderately-priced for UK purchasers.

San Diego, California
3 Posts
  Wednesday May 10 2:10:01 PM PST
This is the softest ribbon yarn I've seen (felt). Expensive, but Colinette Tagliatelli Book has a pattern that uses only 2-3 skeins for a pullover. Obviously big stitches, but pretty.

Ovid, New York
1 Posts
  Thursday August 16 1:13:55 PM PST
Any hints for knitting with this yarn? My first try at ribbon yarn, and I don't want to mess up!

Cincinnati, Ohio
1 Posts
  Saturday July 19 12:50:00 PM PST
There is a nice free pattern for a "Bambina Baby Sweater" on the Knittwitts Work Shop site. http://www.knitwitts.com/content/Patterns/5 The pattern uses one skein of yarn and the one I made was beautiful (and one of my first baby sweaters so not hard). I used small leather/wood looking buttons. I think the yarn can be a bit tricky if you drop a stitch so I don't think it's mindless knitting yarn - but, it's very forgiving in the assembly which I know mine was far from perfect!! There is also a free pattern on that site for hats if you don't want to make a baby sweater. Good luck..it's really beautiful yarn.

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