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"Bamboo Handpaint Colorways" from Alchemy Yarns is an all natural, renewable fiber consisting of 100% bamboo. Well suited to summer tops, hats, scarves, vests, bags, shawls and much more, "Bamboo Colorways" is a soft, DK weight yarn with the feel of a high quality ramie.

Shade Cards

Fiber Sample
Click to view full size shade card images:
Fiber Sample
Spring 2009: Color Card 1
Spring 2009: Color Card 2
Spring 2009: Color Card 3
Spring 2009: Color Card 4
Spring 2009: Color Card 5
Spring 2009: Color Card 6
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About This Yarn
 BrandAlchemy [www]
 DistributorAlchemy [www]
 Yardage150 yds.
 Yarn Weight DK
 Fiber Content Bamboo
 Texture Plied
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)24
 Needle Size(s) 5 US (3.75mm)
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareHand Wash & Dry Flat.

Currently Produced Colors
003c: Lovely Good
(Blue, Purple, Blue)
007c: Sugar Mountian
(Blue, Purple)
008c: Sierra
(Gray, White, Tan)
009c: Diamonda
(White, Gray, Off White)
010c: Costa Brava
(Blue, Green)
011c: Full Metal Alchemist
(Yellow, Gold)
015c: Grass Harp
(Green, Green)
018c: The Night Air
(Blue, Gray, Purple)
025c: Aubergine
(Pink, Purple)
033c: Red Run
(Pink, Red)
036c: Dylan's Blue Depths
(Blue, Green, Blue)
040c: Madre Deus
(Blue, Blue)
042c: Air & Fire
(Pink, Orange, Purple)
043c: Waterlily
(Green, Blue, Green)
045c: Koi Pond
(Orange, Gold)
049c: Punky
(Pink, Pink)
051c: A Breath of Fire
(Blue, Pink, Purple)
053c: Forest Waltz
(Green, Brown, Green)
055c: Montreat
(Brown, Green)
059c: Rain Forest
(Green, Blue, Green)
060c: San Francisco Sky
(Gray, Blue, Off White)
061c: Chickasaw
(Gold, Brown)
062c: Resolution
(Purple, Purple)
063c: Equinox
(Orange, Pink)
064c: Hidden Place
(Green, Brown)
078c: Pablo's Solace
(Purple, Purple)
079c: Rosita
(Pink, Pink)
085c: Desert Song
(Orange, Red)
086c: Slip Stream
(Blue, Blue)
089c: Black & Blue
(Black, Blue)
097c: Honeycomb
(Yellow, Pink, Off White)
098c: Mediterranean
(Blue, Green)
099c: Barceloneta
(Green, Green)
100c: Azalea Trail
(Pink, Pink)
101c: Clarita
(Red, Purple)
112c: Secret Agent Blues
(Blue, Green, Blue)
113c: Inferno
(Orange, Pink, Purple)
114c: Mighty Redwood
(Brown, Green)
115c: Tea Party
(Gold, Yellow)
116c: Bali Jungle
(Green, Green, Green)
117c: Bright Horizon
(Pink, Blue, Purple)
118c: Happy Go Lucky
(Red, Orange, Pink)
119c: India
(Brown, Purple, Gold)
120c: Underwater Moonlight
(Blue, Purple, Black)

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