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Get your toes tapping with "Jitterbug" yarn, a wondrously soft merino wool from the artisans at Colinette. Spun as a traditional 4-ply, fingering-weight fiber gem, "Jitterbug" is superb for wearable & durable socks and also for fine-gauge, lightweight sweaters, scarves & shawls as well. The lovely hand painted colorways are spectacular and each hank comes with a free sock pattern attached to each label.

Shade Cards

Fall 2008: Color Card 1
Click to view full size shade card images:
Fall 2008: Color Card 1
Fall 2008: Color Card 2
Fall 2008: Color Card 3
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About This Yarn
 BrandColinette [www]
 DistributorUnique Kolours, Ltd.
 Made InWales
 Yardage318 yds.
 Yarn Weight Fingering
 Fiber Content Wool
 Texture Plied
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)28
 Needle Size(s) 3 US (3.25mm)
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareMachine Wash Cold & Dry Lowest Temp.

Currently Produced Colors

Dali Shade-Apricot Smoothie

Dali Shade-Elephants Daydream

Dali Shade-Ginger

Dali Shade-Heavens Above

Dali Shade-Lavender Lil

Dali Shade-Lobster Pinch
(Off White)

Dali Shade-Morello

Dali Shade-Oyster Blush

Dali Shade-Pastures New

Dali Shade-Purple Passion

Dali Shade-Salty Dog

Dali Shade-Vatican Pie

Dali Shade-Vincents Apron

Dali Shade-Wasabi Squeeze

Dali Shade-Whirley Fig

015: Red Parrot
(Red, Blue, Yellow)

016: Blue Parrot
(Blue, Green, Red)

018: Blue Saturn

021: Turquoise
(Blue, Brown)

023: Slate
(Blue, Green, Orange)

033: Kingfisher
(Blue, Pink, Gray)

035: Raspberry
(Red, Orange, Green)

048: Florentina
(Purple, Green, Blue)

054: Jewel
(Blue, Orange, Green)

055: Toscana
(Green, Red, Blue)

060: Chamois
(Off White, Gold, Orange)

061: Earth
(Red, Pink, Gray)

063: Mushroom
(Off White)

066: Mist
(Pink, Purple, Green)

067: Copperbeech
(Purple, Red, Blue)

070: Raphael
(Brown, Red, Pink)

071: Fire
(Pink, Orange)

072: Tapis
(Orange, Blue, Purple)

073: Forest
(Green, Orange, Green)

075: Moss
(Green, Brown)

076: Lichen
(Yellow, Gold, Brown)

077: Dusk
(Blue, Green, Gray)

077: Dusk
(Blue, Purple, Green)

081: Toucan
(Blue, Purple, Pink)

083: Lilac
(Purple, Blue, Green)

084: Cinnamon
(Gray, Brown, Blue)

085: Jay
(Blue, Purple, Blue)

087: Bright Charcoal
(Gray, Blue, Purple)

088: Marble
(White, Gray, Purple)

089: Dark Umber
(Green, Brown, Green)

090: Venezia
(Gray, Blue, Red)

093: Lapis
(Blue, Green, Purple)

094: Magenta
(Pink, Red, Blue)

100: Gauguin
(Blue, Purple, Brown)

101: Monet
(Blue, Purple, Green)

103: Cezanne
(Pink, Green, Red)

103: Summer Berries
(Blue, Green, Orange)

110: Autumn Leaves
(Yellow, Orange, Blue)

113: Velvet Leaf

114: Velvet Olive

116: Velvet Plum

117: Alizarine
(Pink, Purple, Blue)

117: Velvet Bilberry

118: Velvet Damson

120: Burnt Ochre
(Off White, Green, Red)

120: Pierro

121: Sunrise
(Blue, Pink, Orange)

122: Cherry
(Pink, Purple)

123: Sable
(Black, Pink)

127: Morocco
(Tan, Off White, Green)

128: Castagna
(Brown, Gold, Pink)

131: Ischia
(Green, Blue, Green)

132: Fruit Coulis
(Pink, Purple)

134: Jamboree
(Yellow, Red, Blue)

135: Sahara
(Orange, Brown, Off White)

137: Banwy

138: Lagoon
(Blue, Green, Blue)

139: Neptune

140: Rio

141: Zebra
(Black, Gray, White)

142: Seabreeze
(White, Pink, Green)

143: Peaches & Cream
(White, Pink, Blue)

145: Frangipani
(Brown, Green, Off White)

146: Popsicle
(Green, Red, Yellow)

147: Fresco
(Blue, Pink, Purple)

148: Caramel
(Blue, Brown, Gray)

149: Windfall
(Yellow, White, Orange)

150: Pharaoh
(Blue, Yellow, Red)

151: Mint Chocolate
(Green, Brown, Pink)

152: Paintbox
(White, Pink, Blue)

153: Madras
(Off White, Orange, Green)

154: Rose Garden
(Pink, Blue, White)

155: Mardi Gras
(Red, Blue, Yellow)

160: Vatican Pie

173: Sweet Dreams
(Green, Purple, Blue)

175: October Afternoon
(Red, Green)

176: Adonis Blue
(Blue, Purple, Green)

Additional Images

Garment: Jitterbug Ceroc Turtleneck

Detail : Detail Image

Ball : Ball Image


Basic Jitterbug Mitts
Source: www.yarnmarket.com

Boogie-Woogie Cap Sleeve Sweater
Source: www.yarnmarket.com

Fancy Jitterbug Ribbed Mitts
Source: www.yarnmarket.com

Jitterbug Ceroc Turtleneck
Source: www.yarnmarket.com

Jitterbug Diamond Swirl Socks
Source: www.yarnmarket.com

Jitterbug Lacy Racy Knee-Highs
Source: www.yarnmarket.com

Jitterbug On the Edge Dance Socks
Source: www.yarnmarket.com

Jitterbug Pretty Basic Socks
Source: www.yarnmarket.com

Jitterbug Swing Boxy Jacket
Source: www.yarnmarket.com

Jitterbug Swing Jacket
Source: www.yarnmarket.com

Jitterbug Tunisian Crochet Headband
Source: www.yarnmarket.com

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