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Poly Moire A-27 1/1.5 Add to My Favorites
"Poly Moire A-27 1/1.5" by Habu Textiles is a long eyelash yarn. Made of polyester, it can be hand washed and dried flat. This yarn is designed for making scarves, sweaters, vests, shawls and wraps.

Shade Cards

Spring 2005
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Spring 2005
Where to Buy This Yarn
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About This Yarn
 DistributorHabu Textiles
 Made InJapan
 Yardage46 yds.
 Fiber Content Polyester
 Texture Eyelash
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)Various
 Needle Size(s) Various
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareHand Wash and Dry Flat.

Currently Produced Colors
01: Off White
(Off White)
05: Gray
06: Gold
07: Black
08: Wakakusa Green
09: Emerald
10: Dark Navy
11: Red
12: Enji
14: Grape Beige
21: Dark Brown
22: Black/White
(Black, White)
24: Sermon Gold
(Off White, Gray)
25: Lavender Purple
(Purple, Black)

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