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Lion & Lamb Multi Add to My Favorites
With the same wonderful texture and high-quality silk-wool mix as "Lion & Lamb Solid," "Lion & Lamb Multi" gives you more fabulous color options. You'll surely get the urge to create as soon as you see the blends with tempting names like "Gold Hill," "Child's Play" and "Flames." The perfect choice for all of your worsted weight knitting and crocheting projects such as sweaters, vests, ponchos, jackets, and winter accessories. 50% silk & 50% wool.

Shade Cards

Spring 2005: Color Card 1
Click to view full size shade card images:
Spring 2005: Color Card 1
Spring 2005: Color Card 2
Spring 2005: Fiber Sample
Spring 2004: Color Card 1
Spring 2004: Color Card 2
Spring 2004: Color Card 3
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About This Yarn
 BrandLorna's Laces [www]
 DistributorLorna's Laces
 Yardage205 yds.
 Yarn Weight Worsted
 Fiber Content Silk , Wool
 Texture Plied
 Gauge (st. /4 in.)18
 Needle Size(s) 8 US (5mm)
 Availability Currently Produced
 CareHand Wash & Dry Flat.

Currently Produced Colors

0012: Iris Garden
(Pink, Purple, Pink)

0016: Pioneer
(Gray, Brown)

0018: Watercolor
(Red, Purple, Blue)

0024: Happy Valley
(Green, Yellow, Purple)

0027: Black Purl

0032: Somerset
(Green, Pink)

0034: Tahoe
(Purple, Blue)

0038: Mixed Berries
(Purple, Blue)

0042: Cool
(Turquoise, Blue)

0046: Jeans
(Blue, Gray, Purple)

0048: Purple Iris
(Purple, Green)

0056: Mt. Creek
(Green, Purple)

0062: Child's Play
(Pink, Turquoise, Purple)

0064: Gold Hill
(Orange, Orange)

0070: Vera
(Pink, Brown)

0074: Mother Lode
(Gold, Red, Blue)

0076: Asian
(Off White, Tan, Gray)

0092: River
(Turquoise, Purple)

0101: Shadow
(Off White, Gray)

0102: Mineshaft
(Gray, Pink, Green)

0103: Lorikeet
(Purple, Orange, Yellow)

0104: Uptown
(Turquoise, Purple)

0105: Glenwood
(Green, Tan, Yellow)
Spring 2005

0112: Sand Ridge
(Blue, Tan, Tan)

0132: Jay Pond
(Blue, Orange)

0142: Bucks Bar
(Purple, Green)

0146: Flames
(Red, Orange, Yellow)

0152: Georgetown
(Blue, Purple, Green)
Spring 2005

0162: Icehouse
(Blue, Turquoise)

0203: Seaside

0204: Daffodil
(Green, Yellow)

0205: Irving Park
(Tan, Purple, Brown)
Spring 2005

0212: Hawaii
(Green, White)

0222: Sweetie
(Pink, Orange, Yellow)

0303: Layette
(White, Yellow, Purple)

0304: Black Watch
(Blue, Green)

0305: Safari
(Brown, Brown, Black)
Spring 2005

0403: Tuscany
(Pink, Orange, Green)

0501: Argyle
(Blue, Brown)

0504: Lakeview
(Purple, Turquoise)

0601: Rainbow
(Purple, Orange, Red)

0630: Bittersweet
(Purple, Red, Orange)

0701: Purple Club
(Purple, Purple)

0708: Camouflage
(Green, Gray)

0773: Ravenswood
(Pink, Turquoise, Blue)

0801: Sherbet

0901: Baltic Sea

1776: Liberty
(Blue, Red, Off White)

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Lace Panel Vest

Reviews & Comments
Brooklyn, New York
6 Posts
  Tuesday November 15 1:42:13 PM PST
Indeed Lorna makes beautiful laces. The colors are gorgeous, saturate the fiber well, and the dye won't bleed (at least in my experience). This is the only Merino/Silk yarn I've ever worked with as it discouraged me from trying others. I really wanted to give this yarn an honest try despite its prohibitive price, but I was saddened with the look of the scarf I made with it after only a couple of wears. The finished fabric, while extremely soft, pills. I can't stand spending so much time (and money--these babies are pricey!) to see my finished project turn into a matty thing.

Warren, Arkansas
6 Posts
  Friday October 13 11:31:30 AM PST
This is heavenly yarn. I really wish I could afford to knit a sweater with it (preferably out of the solid version). I have not noticed a lot of pilling on the wrap I knitted with it, and I have worn it a couple of times. There are some small pills though, but I would definitely use the yarn again, once I rob a bank or win Publisher's Clearinghouse. :)

Burke, Virginia
1 Posts
  Wednesday May 23 4:26:27 PM PST
Lion & Lamb yarn is very soft and lovely to knit and especially, to wear. See my blog for a look at my completed blackwatch sweater at http://www.digibabeknits.blogspot.com I definitely will buy this yarn again!

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