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Noro Silk Garden Comments

Irvine, California
6 Posts
  Wednesday February 23 5:22:55 PM PST
I made a narrow scarf from this in ribbing and really enjoyed working with it and the self-striping element. I wonder how it would work in a bigger project where you didn't want the striping to be so regular?

Brooklyn, New York
6 Posts
  Tuesday November 15 1:32:18 PM PST
I've made both a top and a stole using this yarn, and both turned out lovely. The yarn is even softer after a wash. Plus the self-striping is so cool! Highly recommend.

Atlanta, Georgia
12 Posts
  Monday March 20 8:51:59 AM PST
I found this yarn very over priced. I found atleast 1 knot in each ball, which i think is just not okay for something as expensive as the silk garden is. In some places the yarn thickness could be irregular. I think it's very over priced.

MPLS, Minnesota
2 Posts
  Wednesday July 5 12:22:52 PM PST
This is a great yarn that can be used for everything (scarves, sweaters, hats, you name it). Looks great as the "light color" in a fair isle with a less expensive yarn to help lower the overall price. It also felts but takes many washings so don't pair with a fast felting yarn like Cascade or they won't finish together. It is true that there are knots. For some reason Noro connects pieces together half way through the skein on many of their yarns. It must be something in their manufacturing flow. But if you untie the yarn and separate the strands (fray them a little on both ends) you can roll them between your hands with a little water and basically felt them together. I have never regretted the extra cost of Silk Garden

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20 Posts
  Saturday August 12 12:08:28 PM PST
Beautiful colorways and much softer than Kureyon. All the skeins I've dealt with have hay or something spun into it (does Noro not CARD their WOOL properly????). Many skeins have knots in the middle or loose ends. Sheds a bunch while knitting...a bit pricey for all the hassle, but the final product is lovely.

Taos, New Mexico
13 Posts
  Sunday February 18 10:27:52 AM PST
Pros: Great yarn with great patterns. Can find heavily discounted online, making it very affordable. Outstanding colorways. Cons: Knots, slightly fragile and can pull apart easily if not paying attention. Depending on your point of view, I *love* the thick/thin variations, and don't mind the "hay." Its very rustic.

Chicago, Illinois
4 Posts
  Sunday July 1 7:13:56 PM PST
I made a sweater with this and get compliments all the time. People can't believe it was made with just one yarn, they think I put in the stripes myself. Even though I usually can't wear mohair, it's fairly soft---not sure I'd make it into a turtleneck but it works as a cardigan w/ a t-shirt underneath.

10 Posts
  Friday September 26 4:32:02 AM PST
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2 Posts
  Tuesday February 23 2:55:56 PM PST
I've just finished knitting a top with this wool and I am absolutely delighted with the results. The colours are magnificent and the texture is beautiful. I really enjoy knitting with this yarn, especially because of the variations in thickness and the rustic appearance to the wool. I included plain stocking stitch, cabling and a lace stitch in my top and all turned out very well. Would definitely recommend this yarn, especially if you are looking for something a little bit different.

Jenny Green
1 Posts
  Monday April 9 10:30:16 AM PST
Any thoughts on blocking this wool? A full soak? Not sure I can bring myself to do that.

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