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Lion Brand Jiffy Solid Comments

Columbus, Ohio
9 Posts
  Tuesday July 24 3:29:40 PM PST
A good value for being so inexpensive (most of the time you can get it on sale for $2 at JoAnn's) The brushed acrylic looks just like brushed mohair. It has a nice, fuzzy, soft halo around the fabric. Not too bad!

New Orleans, Louisiana
4 Posts
  Friday August 17 2:04:57 AM PST
The yarn is a good beginner yarn but it would hurt knitting as the yarn is rough. I won't be buying it again as it really hurt my hand in knitting. I learned easily that I don't acrylic yarn especially cheap.

Laplata, Maryland
19 Posts
  Saturday December 22 6:29:39 PM PST
i really really hate acrylic yarn...

Somewhere, Minnesota
1 Posts
  Friday March 28 5:40:02 PM PST
I enjoy this yarn. It comes in so many different, pretty colors! It has a nice texture and is nice and chunky. Also, it is very very nice quality for the cheap price!

Ft. Pierce, Florida
12 Posts
  Tuesday April 22 8:41:23 AM PST
I found this yarn difficult to work. On the skein it feels very soft but I found the finished project a little rough. The "fuzz" makes it knot badly if you have to rip back. I threw a lot away and won't be buying it again.

Holland, Pennsylvania
1 Posts
  Sunday September 28 10:56:54 PM PST
I hate this yarn. Some Lion Brand yarn I find ok to work with. This yarn is sticky and not at all soft, it feels scratchy and very plastic. I'm never buying it again.

Kalamazoo, Michigan
7 Posts
  Monday October 20 3:32:32 PM PST
I made four sweaters out of this yarn last Christmas, and it served its purpose well. It knits up quickly and will suffice for children who will not bother to take good care of a well knit sweater. I also used it several years ago to make a sweater for my grandmother and have regretted it ever since. It is not a nice enough yarn for grownup garments.

sarah helene
Minneapolis, Minnesota
77 Posts
  Friday June 29 1:06:25 AM PST
In fall 2010, I crocheted 8 cowls, 1 skein each from JoAnns (sale $2.00/skein). Soft & easy to work with as I used simple FREE pattern. 6 colors: True Red (114), Peacock (170), Dusty Pink (195), White (100), Lemon (158), Pearl Grey (150) -- gifted to friends, sisters & nieces. Great inexpensive gift as alternative to scarf to keep neck warm in Minnesota cold temps.

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