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Lion Brand Wool-Ease Solid Comments

SLC, Utah
6 Posts
  Wednesday January 3 1:18:43 PM PST
I boutght the gray heather and the blush heather (104) in order to try a more economical wool blend. I made a small scarf with the blush heather. It knitted up ok but felt sticky on the needles. I made mittens for my toddler with the grey but these seemed very hairy like the fibers just didn't stick together well and they very quickly lost their shape and became, I don't know, mushy. This yarn doesn't seem to work at all for kids and it didn't work for the scarf either because it's itchy. Overall, I was pretty disappointed. I really like the colors but the quality really is no good. No wonder it's so cheap.

Westerville, Ohio
7 Posts
  Tuesday January 30 5:51:47 PM PST
I like everything about this yarn except for the fact that it tends to split. That doesn't bother me so much, but it made my husband crazy...and I think he has kind of sworn off of it. I will continue to use it.

Campbell, California
1 Posts
  Friday March 2 6:34:11 PM PST
I love this yarn... it does split, but it's worth it for the end product -- washable & indestructible. ***I'm looking for about 4-5 skeins of the butterscotch color (any dye lot).*** I didn't plan ahead for an afghan that I'm making for my grandson and the color has been discontinued! ;/. Any help would be appreciated!

Oakland, California
15 Posts
  Sunday May 27 1:38:39 AM PST
I didn't like this yarn at first, but it has grown on me because of the color choices, the low cost, and machine wash & dry care. I first crocheted with it, but found it a bit too thick for crocheted garments except maybe sweater coats. I like knitting sweaters with it better than with some expensive wool yarns, because the elasticity allows a nice fit. But like others have noted, it tends to split--especially with sharp needles. I haven't noticed much pilling, however, especially compared to soft wools. But if you don't use fabric softener it does come across a bit plasticky after washing and drying. And the yarn is less cohesive in some colors, more in others.

Troy, Michigan
2 Posts
  Monday July 16 3:52:16 PM PST
This is the first time using Wool-Ease yarn. I am about 1/4 way done with an afghan, and based on the somewhat negative comments on the yarn quality and pilling I have read, I was wondering if it would be worth completing my project with this yarn, or to start over using yarn I have used and loved in the past (Bernat Berella "4"). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Ferndale, Washington
2 Posts
  Sunday July 29 3:12:25 PM PST
I've used this yarn for several kid's sweaters, socks, hats, and scarves because it is cheap and machine washable. The sweater I made for my son has been worn in the mud, clawed by the dog, snagged by tree branches, and still washed fine (although a bit fluffier now). The socks are warm and wear really well; my kitchner stitch unraveled before the heels and toes wore out. My kids are very active and hard on clothes, so this yarn has really been put through the test. The yarn would look cheap and acrylic to the yarn snob, but to us regular folks, it is economical and functional and a decent yarn to knit with.

phila, Pennsylvania
1 Posts
  Sunday August 26 12:00:20 PM PST
I am knitting my first sweater with wool ease in rose heather. I am now reading about it pilling and not holding up during wear. Has anyone knitted a sweater and have suggestions for care? I really want to finish this project but all of these problems make me nervous. This sweater is also a lot of work. Thanks!

Laplata, Maryland
19 Posts
  Saturday December 22 6:28:32 PM PST
hate it...

Ft. Pierce, Florida
12 Posts
  Tuesday April 22 9:19:00 AM PST
I'm using the Natural Heather & Forest Green Heather in a project and it's just too rough. Even my hands feels dry knitting with the Heather colors. They seem to have small fibers sticking out that itch. I can't imagine wearing this would be comfortable at all. I have some of the solids (Cranberry White and Black) and the feel is altogether different. I think I'll avoid the Heather colors and use what I have for slippers. Otherwise it knits up well without splitting or knotting.

East Lansing, Michigan
1 Posts
  Monday May 5 11:12:26 PM PST
To Yatchy... this is many months past your post, but I wanted to tell you that my family's all-time favorite afghan - the one the guys fight over - is made with WoolEase. I made it at least 10 years ago; it is on the couch being used year-round; and has been washed countless times. It is still soft and in good shape and my husband worries that the same yarn won't be available for the replacement should this one ever wear out. I will confess that the color I'm working with now on some baby socks does tend to spilt. Hope this helps...

Kalamazoo, Michigan
7 Posts
  Monday October 20 3:28:15 PM PST
When I first learned to knit, I used Wool-Ease almost exclusively. It was much nicer than craft store acrylics, but more affordable than premium yarns from the LYS. I have since moved on to nicer yarns for most things, but still use Wool-Ease when knitting for children, their stuff needs to be washable!

Charlotte, North Carolina
3 Posts
  Friday December 4 11:21:58 AM PST
I am still a beginner knitter. I recently completed an afghan from the book Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans (Leisure Arts #3137). All these patterns call for worsted weight using to stands at a time. The afghan I made was made of Wool Ease worsted in avacado and forrest. It ended up being very dense (because my gauge was too small) but is stretchy and warm. My 88-year-old father sits with it on him pretty much all the time.

Warwick, New York
1 Posts
  Saturday January 30 9:36:31 AM PST
Does anyone have Wool-ease Green Heather 130.. it was discontinued this past year and I need some...

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