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Rowan Cotton Rope Comments

Obsessed Knitter
Redmond, Washington
6 Posts
  Saturday September 30 9:05:54 PM PST
So-so yarn for the money. There wasn't as much spring to it as I expected, given the acrylic content. Very splitty. At this gauge, I MUCH prefer GGH Goa.

Columbus, Ohio
9 Posts
  Tuesday July 24 3:44:39 PM PST
This is very splitty...I had to keep frogging so there wouldn't be little threads sticking out everywhere. I made a hat out of a rowan pattern book...the look is pretty and the yarn has held up..the only complaint is the splitting.

Stanwood, Washington
9 Posts
  Sunday August 19 10:59:40 PM PST
Really disappointed by Cotton Rope. It seemed to untwist far to easily. I never got past a swatch when I moved on to another project.

1 Posts
  Thursday October 25 10:26:36 AM PST
I had only a good experience with Cotton Rope. I am in the process of knitting a mat for my kitchen and the yarn is knitting up nicely. It is not splitting or untwisting at all. I like it.

1 Posts
  Friday February 1 6:15:25 AM PST
Hi I am new here .I have been searching and searching for a thread like this for crochet shoes.What I have is like a builders string 3 ply and the thickness is 1mm but is 20years old and is still new looking and very strong and feels nice on your feet I have sent samples off to different distributors over australia with no luck been to upolstrers, sails making place, hardware stores, builders. with any luck I might have an answer from here. cheers Fay

New Providence, New Jersey
2 Posts
  Tuesday June 10 5:27:05 PM PST
I LOVE this yarn. I put loose ends into a knot until I'm ready to weave them into the body of the yarn. This keeps the "splitting" factor entirely in control. The construction of the yarn is NOT a problem, in my opinion. In fact, the yarn construction is one of the features that makes this yarn so SOFT. To find a cotton yarn that's this lightweight & soft is semi-miraculous, in my book. And the color saturation elevates the yarn to an even higher level. GORGEOUS yarn. One of my summertime faves!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1 Posts
  Monday March 16 10:39:15 AM PST
This "rope" is more like three strands begging to be braided or used separately. It just does not want to stay twisted. One good thing; the strands splay out on your working loop, but mostly retwist when you work the next row on top of it. It's bearable for a solid color piece but avoid for intarsia!

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