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Red Heart Strata Comments

Kate Jones
Sprfingfield, Ohio
1 Posts
  Sunday September 3 8:06:28 PM PST
I purchased some of this last night at my local Super Walmart. It's a bit scratchy...I don't know if that will change with a good wash or not. However, I love the look of the scarf I made. I bought it because I was taken by the look of the yarn, and just made the pattern on the label. (the pattern is crochet, I think the yarn looks better in the knit samples, personally, but I love it either way.) I will buy it again...I just love the colours.

Tucson, Arizona
1 Posts
  Wednesday September 6 7:52:54 AM PST
I thought it just a bit scratchy, too, but haven't washed to see if that solves the problem. I knit a Christmas stocking and was thrilled with the self-striping pattern. Bought more to make additional stockings for grandkids.

El Dorado Springs, Missouri
1 Posts
  Thursday September 14 8:42:29 PM PST
I think the Red Heart Strata is neato!!! I really like it. (I just wish I could knit because I think the pattern comes out neater), but I crochet. Does anyone know if the strata has specific dye lots only for each color skein or do I need to buy however I much I need for my project so there will not be a various shades of the same colors throughout? Also I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get more of this, preferrably the Cascade, with a dye lot of 16483. I bought the only three skeins Wal-Mart had. Thanks

Pensacola, Florida
1 Posts
  Saturday September 16 7:49:29 PM PST
I just bought my first skein of Strata at my local Wal-mart. It is also the Cascade and has the same lot # as yours...16483. Since I am quite a few states away, I'd say we are safe in buying another skein and having it match :) I'm knitting my first hat with it, and I like how it looks so far.

Gloucester, Virginia
1 Posts
  Tuesday September 19 9:44:07 AM PST
I noticed this yarn (Strata) in Walmat today and love it! The inside of the label only had instructions for crocheting. Could anyone tell me what size of needles to use and how many stitches to cast on for a knitted scarf? I am new at knitting and I assume that correct needle size and stitches would be necessary in keeping the pattern ?

Janie Rose
Pine Mountain, Georgia
1 Posts
  Monday November 27 2:50:11 PM PST
I have done a couple of sweaters using Crayon and love the look! I used size 6 & 8 knitting needles to get the gauge I needed for the sweaters. Super center (Wal-mart) seems to sell whatever they get really quick and I am now worried about having enough to finish another one by Christmas. Luckily, I have found some websites to go to to buy it. JRC

1 Posts
  Friday January 19 1:07:03 PM PST
As I am planning to make a baby outfit with the RedHeart Strate, it seems a bit coarse DOES IT GET BABY SOFT AFTER A WASH?? Please let me know Thank You!!

Pleasant Valley, New York
1 Posts
  Thursday August 16 8:32:48 PM PST
I found a pattern book at AC Moore and fell in love with everything in it and it was all done with the strata yarn. I have not found it but will now try my local walmart.

Visalia, California
2 Posts
  Sunday November 11 2:05:44 PM PST
I really like this new Strata yarn from Red Heart. Yes it's a little scrathy but I know with the other regular red heart yarn it will soften up after you wash it and put in the dryer with a fabric softner sheet or two. I know this yarn is durable and will last for years. I do wish it came in more earthy colors. I'm not into bright colors, my favorite are the surf, cascade and mosiac, oh... and the baby one is adorable. Will purchase it often.

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