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Patons Classic Wool Comments

Fridley, Minnesota
1 Posts
  Thursday August 17 3:39:31 AM PST
Nice feeling wool! I used it doubled for 2 felted bags, then single strand, also for felting and both turned out great! It does shrink a lot more than hand spun wool and a couple others I've used, but it works great. Loses about half it's height. Knits up very even and even a bit soft. The single strand felted with a soft, fuzzy finish on sz 10.5 needles, the double strand felted with a weird 'nubbly' texture I can't explain but it looked cool and was VERY thick, about 1/4" or more. Great price, great felting, easy to find, and nice colors.

Westerville, Ohio
7 Posts
  Friday September 15 10:46:58 AM PST
I love this yarn. I always come back to it for products calling for worsted weight wool. It is soft, dense when felted, and knits even and beautifully. The colors are rich without being too in your face bright. And it just plain feels wonderful in the hand. Knitting with it is a comfort thing for me to relax. May it always exist!

Oakland, California
15 Posts
  Tuesday December 26 6:06:41 PM PST
This is one of my favorite felting yarns. Crocheted, the shrinkage factor is about 25-30%, not too much. This yarn comes in nice colors, but to add more character I stripe it with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes.

Seattle, Washington
16 Posts
  Tuesday March 13 7:30:28 PM PST
This yarn has remained soft after softly felting it for some ankle warmers. Beware the extra shrinkage. My ankle warmers aren't completely felted because they would be so small I couldn't put them on! But, I wear them all the time. I like this yarn a lot.

7 Posts
  Saturday March 17 12:24:53 AM PST
I enjoyed knitting with this yarn: It's very soft considering that it is 100% wool, and comes in a huge array of colors. But I noticed almost immediately that it pills (nothing to be concerned about, of course, if you intend to felt). If you are not felting, I would recommend Cascade 220: Nearly the same price, and better-wearing.

San Jose, California
7 Posts
  Wednesday April 4 8:04:20 PM PST
Lovely yarn to knit with. I used the "too teal" colour to felt a bag for my daughter. It came out really nice and quite sturdy even though I used single strand.

Brooklyn, New York
6 Posts
  Thursday April 5 2:31:23 PM PST
This is a wonderful yarn for Aran patterns and anything cabled because it holds up the patterns very well but it not too heavy. I've noticed that when I use this yarn for this kind of work, the pilling is less noticeable.

odessa Madakacherry
Cross Lanes, West Virginia
3 Posts
  Saturday May 26 2:17:04 AM PST
Like others, this is my preferred yarn for felting purposes...it felts well, there's a wide color selection and it's available at most major craft stores (and usually on SALE!). Though I don't think I would ever use it for any type of garment, it's far too scratchy for my senseitive skin.

reading, Pennsylvania
7 Posts
  Tuesday July 3 6:53:56 PM PST
feels nice on the hands and shows stitch definition well especially in solid colors. will use more

Laplata, Maryland
19 Posts
  Saturday December 22 6:39:43 PM PST
i really like this yarn, and when i tried out koolaid dying on it it turned out gorgeous...

Ft. Pierce, Florida
12 Posts
  Tuesday April 22 9:56:18 AM PST
I've used this yarn in many felting projects and have been very pleased. It's one of the few 100% wool yarns available at the chain craft stores...no LYS in my area. The price is very reasonable, excellent yardage and the results equal the more expensive 100% wool yarns that are only available to me online. I wish the color selection were more extensive but it works very nicely with Wool of the Andes (another great value).

Kalamazoo, Michigan
7 Posts
  Monday October 20 3:37:07 PM PST
I have also used it in conjunction with Wool of the Andes and have been very pleased with the results. I love the feel of this yarn and its ready availability. I have never tried to felt with it, but I almost did not want to give away the mittens that I made from it.

Buffalo, New York
2 Posts
  Monday February 2 6:57:54 AM PST
Great yarn for felting. It definitely shrinks more than Cascade 220 during the felting process, but if you do a gauge swatch I think you'll be pleased at the softness and density of the finished product. It's particularly good for hard-wearing items, like slippers, purses, and children's mittens!

sarah helene
Minneapolis, Minnesota
77 Posts
  Wednesday January 20 1:25:06 PM PST
MOST BEAUTIFUL 100% wool yarn-- soft, excellent quality, lovely range of colors. I LOVE IT! Kept buying a couple colors to crochet long (5 x 115 inches) scarves from only 1 skein to sell at bazaars & gift to relatives & friends. I created own open design pattern. During fall 2009, I finished 4 each: bright red, worn denim & denim marl & 2 or 3 each: petal pink, old rose, royal purple, plum heather & bright red. Also bought 12 skeins old gold for afghans & lapghans (smaller) crocheted with 2 or 3 strands of yarn together with Lion Brand Fishermen's 100% wool natural & oak or maple tweeds. HIGHLY pleased with results! I recommend this yarn to everyone! Bought with 40% coupon from Sunday ad: Joanns @ $5.99 & Michaels @ $4.99 per 3.5 oz skein in Edina & Richfield, MN.

San Diego, California
10 Posts
  Thursday January 21 6:07:24 PM PST
This was the first wool I worked with, and it's a very good all-around, workhorse yarn.

Olathe, Kansas
1 Posts
  Friday November 4 9:53:00 PM PST
I bought this yarn to knit socks but can't find a pattern.

sarah helene
Minneapolis, Minnesota
77 Posts
  Friday June 29 1:58:27 AM PST
Used Patons Classic Wool yarn in Paprika (238) & Aran (202) for 4 stripes in the symmetrical afghan I crocheted for my youngest sister's birthday on April 14, 2012. SOFT YARN & EASY to crochet using Vanna White's simple pattern of repeated rows of open shells. Throughout I used SWTC Karaoke Lavender Rose (294) 50/50 soy silk/wool yarn with the 5th center stripe of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride bulky Sapphire (M065) wool/mohair. She loves the warmth of wools-- to cuddle under while reading & viewing DVDs during the cold Minnesota winters.

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