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Prism Cool Stuff Comments

Seattle Eastside, Washington
32 Posts
  Monday February 7 10:56:13 AM PST
This is an awesomely fun yarn to see in skein form, and to knit with. But at the end of a project you've got 1000 ends to weave in! Every time they change yarn in the skein, there's a knot. Unless you're going for the funky hippie look, those knots need to be untied and the ends woven in. Too much work!

Killington, Vermont
9 Posts
  Monday February 7 5:21:21 PM PST
I use the Prism yarns in scarves and shawls and I like it quite a bit. It really is unique and the color blends are amazing. The ends do need to be trimmed or woven in for a finished look but I kept a few of them out and beaded them (as suggested in the "Working with Prism" letter). It really added to the artistic qualities of the piece.

St. Petersburg, Florida
1 Posts
  Friday October 27 1:10:32 PM PST
The ends can be woven along the back, knots intact, as you work. Because the yarns are mostly fashion yarns & blends, the knots do not tend to pop to the surface. Few that I know actually untie the ends.

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