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Reynolds Lopi Comments

des moines, Iowa
3 Posts
  Monday June 19 5:56:49 PM PST
Felts great, needs a bit of extra time in the washer. Gets very fuzzy unless shaved down (unless that's the look you're going for!), but the colors are so great the extra work is worth it. It is a bit itchy, I probably wouldn't use it for anything I'd wear against my skin.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20 Posts
  Saturday August 12 12:16:29 PM PST
Itchy as all get-out, takes forever to felt and generally not my favorite. I would never wear this against my skin.

Tampa Bay, Florida
1 Posts
  Wednesday September 12 9:36:52 PM PST
I have used this yarn for years, knitting from beautiful Icelandic patterns. These sweaters are perfect to wear in the cold and snowy climates. I would wear these with just a turtleneck and be comfortable out during the winter months doing errands. The yarn is very coarse and almost water resistant, and definitely itchy. It is not something that is meant to be worn directly on the skin. It is meant to be worn as an outer garment. The lightweight lopi is a lot softer, but does still have some tough fibers that would make you itch. Overall, I think this yarn deserves an A+ in wash, wear and durability, as I still have sweaters I made 10 yrs ago that look as great as they did when they were first completed.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1 Posts
  Sunday October 7 11:06:06 PM PST
This is just the all-time classic for Icelandic patterns. I have LNC63318 beat:-) -- I made one for a friend who has worn is steadily for THIRTY YEARS!!! And absolutely-- it was never intended for direct-to-skin wear! Lopi sweaters are outer-wear garments.

archy's mom
E. Setauket, New York
1 Posts
  Saturday October 20 3:36:29 PM PST
Lopi is one of my favorites for all the reasons stated. I am presently looking for a copy of the sheep afghan in an outdated Patternworks Cat. Would appreciate any info. Archy's mom.

Dumont, New Jersey
4 Posts
  Thursday August 13 10:57:33 AM PST
I just saw this yarn on sale at www.patternworks.com! :) I love sales!

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