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Brown Sheep Company Lamb`s Pride Bulky Comments

Atlanta, Georgia
18 Posts
  Monday January 31 7:12:12 AM PST
I use this yarn a lot. I have made everything from felted bags to sweaters. Knits well and comes in a variety of wonderful colors. A great basic yarn. Pills a little more than lopi, but also is not quite as scratchy.

Seattle Eastside, Washington
32 Posts
  Monday February 14 9:19:41 PM PST
I have only made 1 project with this yarn. It was nice to work with, but as soon as I wore the sweater, it shed alarmingly! It was not the softest yarn around, either. I couldn't stand having red fuzz everywhere, so I gave the sweater to Goodwill and crossed this yarn off my list.

Timnath, Colorado
4 Posts
  Wednesday August 30 5:26:58 PM PST
It definitely gets fuzzy. But I made a sweater out of it for my boyfriend (now husband) and he loves to wear it in the cold weather. He has gotten lots of great comments on how it looks. It pills up, but as for shedding, I think it sheds less than the Lamb's Pride Worsted - or maybe it is the color? I used the seafoam green (bulky). The prairie fire (worsted) seems to show the shedding more.

Alice Shortcake
Baltimore, Maryland
6 Posts
  Thursday September 14 12:06:16 PM PST
this stuff is lovely to work with, but I would only use it for felting or hats and mitts. It felts like a dream and it comes in great colors.

Wheaton, Illinois
7 Posts
  Wednesday September 20 9:43:51 PM PST
I was planning to use this to make a Lilly Chin kimono jacket for fall. After reading these comments, I may try another wool or alpaca instead. The price is nice, though.

Alexandria, Virginia
1 Posts
  Monday October 9 1:04:06 PM PST
I knitted the Einstein coat from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch. I Love this coat. It's soft and warm and I haven't noticed any shedding. and it's white.

Madison, Wisconsin
11 Posts
  Tuesday October 17 12:06:19 AM PST
I find the mohair content in both weights of Lamb's Pride can be itchy on sensitive places. I've used the bulky for Lopi-style sweaters and loved it for sweaters that really stand up to winter.

Fresno, California
5 Posts
  Friday March 16 3:36:41 PM PST
This yarn does felt nicely, but the resulting product is a bit too hairy for my taste. I prefer using Cascase 220, unless I looking for a specific color. I'm not sure I would knit a sweater with it as it really shed while I knitting it up.

Greenbelt, Maryland
6 Posts
  Monday April 23 11:40:03 PM PST
I LOVE this yarn. Iv'e seen a lot negative reviews of this yarn but really I think it's awesome. Iv'e knit lots of small things out of it and now I'm working on "Cleaves" from Knitty and it's knitting up great! I suggest it for everyone from begginers to experts. Knit On!!!

1 Posts
  Sunday July 15 11:30:14 AM PST
I agree with the comment regaqrding shedding. I made a lovely ice skating scarf out of this, but it does shed green all over anything I wear--esp. my favorite wool coat. Might be better for bags or other non-garment accessories due to this, or for felting. (I've not used it for that yet, myself.) On the plus side, the colors are gorgeous, it has a nice feel, and the price is right! I still wear my shedding scarf regularly in spring and fall; the shedding is not as bad when worn against slipperier fabrics (less of that velcro-like effect).

Renton, Washington
2 Posts
  Monday October 26 11:53:29 AM PST
I will be listing 13 skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky in discontinued color "Snowflake" on eBay in the next day or so.

sarah helene
Minneapolis, Minnesota
77 Posts
  Friday June 29 1:45:50 AM PST
Used 2 large skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride bulky in Sapphire (M065) wool/mohair for a BEAUTIFUL center stripe in crocheted afghan. Throughout had 10 skeins of SWTC Karaoke Lavender Rose (294) plus Patons orange & creme wools for other 4 stripes. Easy to work & added thicker center to symmetrical afghan. Easy shell pattern from Vanna's White's Crochet book. Gifted to youngest sister for birthday on April 14, 2012. She LOVED it & can cuddle under during cold Minnesota winters while reading a book & viewing DVDs!

sarah helene
Minneapolis, Minnesota
77 Posts
  Sunday August 4 3:04:22 PM PST
In February 2013 I crocheted a truly LOVELY scarf & matching narrow headband from Lamb's Pride Bulky, RUBY RED (M180) using a shell pattern. EASY to "work up" with hook M, a soft yarn & vibrant color. With 2 skeins, the scarf is 6 inches wide & looks FAB with my orchid quilted down vest. Bought at Discontinued Brand Name Yarns website... a bargain price!

beverly, Massachusetts
1 Posts
  Sunday September 22 9:36:06 AM PST
This is the best yarn for felting...so easy..its a dream. It helps also that my LYS carries seconds for $3....so far the most wrong was 1 or two knots a skein...but it spit splices easily. Also a few inches was thicker than rest...but, as I am making knapsacks that get felted....no problem....maybe the color was spightly off from official...but I splurged on 10 pack.. they seemed unicorm Highly recommend full price or discounted!

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