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Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Comments

San Diego, California
3 Posts
  Sunday January 1 7:50:36 PM PST
I really like this yarn, I am using it to show off fancy stiches in a sampler afghan with good stich definition. It is soft and seems of high quality for the fantastic price. My only beef is the three dark bluish-green hues that look almost identical.

Cambridge, Massachusetts
1 Posts
  Tuesday January 10 8:08:59 AM PST
This yarn is surprisingly soft for a standard wool (as opposed to a merino), and particularly for something so affordable. It isn't soft to the touch per se, but it doesn't give me the pricklies, and I'm very sensitive. I probably wouldn't wear it directly against the skin, but it would be great for a sweater you wear over a shirt or maybe even a camisole. It's much softer than a pricey tweed by a designer-who-shall-remain-nameless Also, it felts beautifully, even the natural. (Some light-colored wools don't felt well.)

Hollywood, California
3 Posts
  Sunday April 23 10:45:45 PM PST
Felts beautifully!! It doesn't seem to be quite as heavy as other worsted weight yarns, but for the price, it's pretty amazing.

san francisco, California
7 Posts
  Thursday May 11 11:18:31 AM PST
This is a wonderful all-purpose wool yarn. Knits up quickly and makes a nice fabric. My stitches start out slightly uneven but they align perfectly after washing.

des moines, Iowa
3 Posts
  Monday June 19 5:54:44 PM PST
This yarn was easy to work with...but I am disappointed in the color differences I have noticed between the website and what I actually purchased, specifically with the grass and blue bonnet colors. Lesson learned, I will buy a color card for this yarn before my next purchase.

Walnut Creek, California
9 Posts
  Monday July 3 8:56:49 AM PST
Also really like this yarn - have now done a couple of sweaters in it, love the colors (yes get a color card), including one very complicated multi cabled little number in Vogue Knitting from Winter 05 that came out beautiful (in pumpkin). This company has many other good yarns and the price is great - maybe they'll give some of these overpriced(and low yardage/skein)companies a run for their money?

Lafayette, Indiana
4 Posts
  Monday August 21 10:24:23 AM PST
I love this yarn! It felts beautifully and it doesn't cost a fortune to make a project! I haven't had any problems with my color differences. Everything has matched just fine.

Oakland, California
15 Posts
  Tuesday December 26 5:38:26 PM PST
This yarn is great for felting, with intense colors. A little too scratchy to wear on the skin, but the price is fantastic. And yes, by all means order a color card. It's only $1.99, and their screen colors tend to be off.

Ft. Pierce, Florida
12 Posts
  Tuesday April 22 9:46:03 AM PST
I've used this yarn for felting and it never disappoints. The color selection is extensive and the price very reasonable.

San Diego, California
1 Posts
  Thursday November 27 2:46:12 AM PST
Much wanted: review comments comparing this to Cascade 220 and/or the old (discontinued) Brunswick Germantown Worsted. Thanks

yooper, Michigan
1 Posts
  Wednesday December 9 6:11:45 AM PST
Bought the "town" slipper kit cuz the spats and loafers were so cute but................don't like the way the yarn felted. It was alot fuzzier than other yarns I've felted with (Lion brand and Cascade). The price is wonderful but I'm not sure if I'd use it again.

Baton rouge, Louisiana
5 Posts
  Sunday August 22 6:27:29 PM PST
Great all purpose yarn, felts well, and a great array of colors. Great price.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey
3 Posts
  Saturday May 14 10:28:07 PM PST
Very soft, works incredibly well, and a good amount for the price. Definitely of the quality I've come to expect from KnitPicks.

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