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Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran Comments

., Washington
21 Posts
  Friday January 21 12:27:15 PM PST
this yarn is wonderful. see my blog http://knitnic.blogspot.com to see the skirt i'm making out of #105 chocolate. i'm sooooooo surpised that they discontinued the chocolate as it's a wonderful color and VERY basic. hmmm. doesn't make sense.

Atlanta, Georgia
18 Posts
  Thursday January 27 10:06:02 AM PST
I had heard that this yarn has a tendency to pill, have you had any experience with that? I'm curious since I have enough for a sweater and would like some info before putting a lot of work into it!

Berkeley, California
14 Posts
  Thursday January 27 5:42:13 PM PST
I can comment on the pills. I love this yarn out of the skein, but having made several baby/toddler items I can tell you it does NOT wear well. My items look pilly, shabby and old after only a few wearings (even the baby items the baby only rolled around in.) It's nice for maybe a baby hat for a gift but I would never, ever make something I wanted to last out of it, like an adult sized aran. It's a shame, because this yarn does feel so yummy when first knit, and I must admit, the actual process of knitting is a dream.

Rockville, Maryland
1 Posts
  Wednesday March 2 5:40:01 PM PST
I knited a sweater in a complicated Vogue patttern. Before the sweater was ever worn it was pilled. Thw yarn contained an excessive amount of flaws.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1 Posts
  Wednesday March 16 8:01:12 AM PST
I totally agree with the previous posts. I spent $160 and lord knows how many hours on a cabled jacket with this yarn only to have a shabby, saggy, pilling mess after ONE wash! I was SOOO annoyed!!

Redondo Beach, California
11 Posts
  Saturday August 20 1:30:01 AM PST
I have made several scarves from this yarn, and thought it was fabulous to work with, as msroser notes. The scarves have traveled to other cities, so I haven't seen how they've worn. Now I'm curious, so I'm going to ask!

seattle, Washington
1 Posts
  Tuesday October 25 10:06:52 AM PST
I just finished a Debbie Bliss cardigan from this yarn. Wore it once, and it's pilling and sagging terribly. Awful.

., Washington
21 Posts
  Friday October 28 12:29:49 PM PST
you are all right. it is an aweful pilly mess. not worth the donero

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
3 Posts
  Tuesday October 3 10:17:13 AM PST
This is a wonderfully soft yarn BUT not the best choice to knit with. The sweater I was knitting became pilled long before I finished it. Plus, the yarn took on a hazy appearance, diminishing the stitch definition (leading to the pilling problem) and making the new sweater look old.

Seattle, Washington
16 Posts
  Monday February 5 11:36:58 PM PST
I knitted a nice feminine styled sweater in the round with this yarn. I have to say that I agree with most of the postings. I do NOT like how it wears over time. My sweater looks much older than it is and I've also experienced the pilling issue. I don't recommend it to anyone for any project.

Latham, New York
2 Posts
  Thursday November 8 11:59:37 AM PST
I was overcomed with knot after knot in all six balls of this yarn that I bought. I could not return it as the store is no longer in business. I knitted a baby hooded sweater with this yarn and was so totally disappointed with the yarn. As people have stated before this yarn is not worth the money.

Marina del Rey, California
1 Posts
  Monday December 17 12:00:53 AM PST
Just another comment to confirm that this yarn pills like CRAZY. Was thrilled to see stepdad wearing last year's Xmas gift (watch cap) the other night but as he came closer the thing looked more like it was from five Xmases ago! Boo-hoo! Am now on Yarndex to find another yarn with which to make replacement cap for him... All that work for nothing :-P

Lenox, Massachusetts
1 Posts
  Wednesday January 16 6:25:04 PM PST
Gee, I've made several sweaters with Cashmerino and none of them have had a pilling problem. My daughter wears hers often. It's a year old and looks just fine. She washes it inside out in a lingerie bag. Dries flat.

5 Posts
  Friday March 14 1:19:11 PM PST
I'm a newcomer to this yarn and am 3/4 of the way through a cabled hoodie. It is already starting to look fuzzy and I have yet to complete the garment. It doesn't bode well, sadly.

walla walla, Washington
2 Posts
  Sunday March 30 1:49:48 PM PST
I knitted the Retro Redux Shrug from Lace Style and although I really love the shrug, I must say I am total agreement with the previous comments regarding the lack of wearing power of the yarn. There is very little memory and elasticity, pills easily and looks worn and tired quickly. I knitted a hat out of this yarn also, but thought I misjudged my head measurement - no size retention, limp and "blah". For a wonderful substitute try Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran.

10 Posts
  Friday September 26 4:38:46 AM PST
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columbia, Kentucky
1 Posts
  Monday January 25 4:33:51 PM PST
After two years of feeling guilty that I hadn't been wearing a Cashmerino sweater that I worked so hard on, I took it out and remembered why: I'm ashamed of it, it looks so cheap---as tho it were made of 100% acrylic or something. Felt compelled to let someone know and ound these postings, which confirmed my opinion: the Bliss people should give us all a refund! I will never buy any of their yarns now---just don't trust them if they sold this knowing what poor quality it is. What a shame

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